Paige and Helena present to youth-in-custody

Paige and Helena gave a virtual presentation to youth-in-custody at the Farmington Bay Youth Center in March 2021. They talked about their journey to becoming scientists, their research projects, and a general background in evolution and genomics. Through this presentation, they hoped to inspire the younger generation to have an interest in science. This outreach was through STEMCAP, an organization that facilitates engagement between scientists and youth-in-custody:

Science Fair Judging

Helena served as a judge for the Salt Lake City School District Science and Engineering Fair Secondary Division Grades 7-12 over Zoom during the first week of February 2021. She was inspired by the scientific frontiers, including machine learning algorithms and wearable heart health monitors, that members of the younger generation of scientists are excitedly pursuing.

The lab encourages members to get involved in outreach activities. A list of opportunities in the areas can be found here:

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